Tasting Notes - Wine Styles

Durif 2005 Coming from younger vines it is not as robust as other local varieties but you will get immense pleasure from sampling our style.

Tempranillo 2005 Sold Out Think pasta, pizza, or platters this wine is excited by food and has fine tanin and acid. Limited stock remains.

Petit Verdot 2005 Sold Out Our wine is vividly violet in colour and we tell our friends not to put too much thought into describing the wine - we say simply 'drink it - don't think it'! It really is a very easy drinking red.

Viognier 2010 Limited Release.  A much flintier style than our 2007 with lovely soft apricot overtones.

Shiraz/Petit Verdot 2006 The Shiraz used in this blend is from a friends vineyard 4kms down our gravel road. The Petit Verdot is able to lift the middle palate with a mouth filling result.

Durif/Petit Verdot 2005 This wine was experimental but a blend we intend to play with as our vines mature. One of our favourite styles.

Notta Moscato NEW! A fun wine made in the moscato style, low in alcohol, sweet and fruity, available in two styles, white or a blush of pink.

Sparkling Alexandra - Tempranillo NV This is possibly the only Sparkling Tempranillo in the world. If you know of one please let us know. This has been made in the true champagne style by Cofields Winery, we serve it at Sunday brunch or as a starter with antipasto or platter type foods.

Sparkling Tiffany Lee - Petit Verdot NV   Yes, it's back...with all the flavour and bubble of last time with a touch more sweetness.

Rohan Red This is a fun wine, designed especially for the non red wine drinker. We have taken a great red and added some Shiraz concentrate (a bit like adding cordial) this has given us a full bodied red but in a sweeter style. We can't keep this one on the shelf.

Three Gables Currently in oak are two superb wines, Durif and Petit Verdot, which will be available soon under our Three Gables premium wine range. Keep checking our website for release dates, or sign up as a member to be kept up to date with all the latest news at Trahna Farms.

Sparkling Alexandra - Tempranillo NV Durif 2005 Durif / Peit Verdot 2006 Rohan Red Tempranillo 2005

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